Aplikasi Penjualan Berbasis Web Untuk Toko Tas Lutuna Pontianak

Modestus Onesimus, Windy Agasia


Sales online Store Tas Lutuna Pontianak done by anilisis against the requirement. To figure out what the needs of development, the writers do by way of data collection which consists of primary data and secondary data. Data collection techniques used in this research is the interview and study the documentation. In this study the authors using this form of research in the form of case studies in methods of Research and Development where this method is a form of research that produces a particular product and test the effectiveness of these products to function in the community. Data collection techniques used are observation, interview and documentation study. Model design of software used is a model of Rapid Application Development (RAD). To model the system from beginning to model the information system for enterprises to web applications, the author uses UML. Software using the PHP programming language, with a MySQL database.The results of this design will produce a website online sales through social media on Tas Lutuna Collection by providing an effective information like the search feature, the shopping cart instantly. The final results of research is an online sales website that can be used by Tas Lutuna Pontianak to meet the needs of every product consumers demand quickly and with a better system, and are expected to assist in managing product data and product marketing.


E-commerce; Incremental Development; metode survei; UML; Sublime text 3; Xampp; PHP ; Komputer; Smart Phone;

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30700/.v2i1.863

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