Pemanfaatan Web Service Penjualan Barang Grosir Toko Anesa

Adil Mersrizal, Tri Widayanti


Building this sales website the author uses a form of research in the form of case studies. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews and documentation studies. Research is based on recording transactions in clothing sales. The research method used in the preparation of this practical work report using research and development process of making sales applications in Anesa Stores using the language PHP, the database used by MySQL, and the modeling design tool used is UML.The sales website that the author produces consists of goods data form, customer form, supplier form, sales form, purchase form, and item type data form, added item stock form, goods data report, goods type data report, entire sales report with website sales made goods can support the efficiency and effectiveness of work, it is expected to make it easier to sell or purchase stock of goods and minimize errors.The conclusion obtained is a sales website to facilitate sales such as storing data, deleting data, and printing goods data reports on Anesa Stores by utilizing Web Services.


Point of the sales; PHP ; MySQL; Web Service; UML;

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