Perancangan Aplikasi Penyisipan Pesan Ke Dalam Gambar Menggunakan Metode Pixel Value Differencing

Edy Ridwan, Ponti Harianto


Information technology is a set of tools in assisting the processing or arrangement of data that has a value of knowledge for its users. In guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of a message a method of steganography is needed, which is a method for maintaining confidentiality of information. Basically the text message without any security to the contents of the message sent, so that when tapping the sending process, the text message that is intercepted can be read directly by the tappers. For this reason, software is needed as security so that the sent message becomes safer. In this study the author uses a form of literature study and experiment research. While the software design method uses the Prototype method because the software development process emphasizes the short development cycle and the utilization of functions that existed before. The data collection technique uses documentation and observation studies to obtain the Pixel Value Differencing (PVD) theory. The use of Pixel Value Differencing method (PVD is included quite quickly in the process of hiding and retrieving messages hidden in a text file. Software design using the NetBeans IDE programming language resulting from this design produces a software called "Using Steganographic Software Design Pixel Value Differencing (PVD).


Steganografi; Pixel Value Differencing (PVD); NetBeans; Prototype; Black-box Testing

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